This Is Fate

A Billionaire, Friends to Lovers Romance

Zee Irwin

Heat Level 1 to 5

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She’s sworn to go solo. He’s once-bitten and twice-shy. Together, their passion is. . .complicated.

Maddie McComber is driven to succeed. Working her way through Harvard by tending bar, the dual MBA and law student isn’t about to lose focus by letting any of her regulars take her to bed. But the flirty banter she shares with the well-dressed older man definitely makes her tingle in all the right places.

Daniel Jones has no faith in love. The high-flying billionaire divorce attorney knows from both personal and professional experience that almost all perfect affairs end in expensive disasters. But the way the attractive grad student at the pub sees past his wealth and acknowledges his true self has him totally hooked.

Moved when he rescues her from an attacker, Maddie starts to feel her anti-dating regulations may require serious review. But though Daniel recognizes she’s everything he wants, his heart remains mired in the pain of the past.

Can these two legal eagles soar over their fears and into a happy future?

This Is Fate is the standalone first book in the delicious Fated Loves contemporary romance series. If you like strong women, conflicted men, and steamy open doors, then you’ll adore Zee Irwin’s gorgeous tale.

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