The Rogues Series: Book 1

Tracie Delaney

Heat Level 1 to 5

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Have you ever loved anyone so much that you’d give them up at the expense of your own happiness?

No? Well, I did.

Okay, that’s not the first lie I’ve ever told myself. I fought tooth and nail for the only man I’ll ever love, but in the end, I had to concede defeat.

Even now, seven years later, the cruel words Ryker uttered the morning after he took my virginity still wield the power to shatter the remains of my heart.

Yet fate has a way of shaping our lives.
No matter how hard we fight for a different outcome.

Have you ever feared losing someone so much you’d give up the only woman who made your heart race?

No? Well, I have.

She holds the power to bring my entire world crashing down, which is why I’ve spent the last seven years forgetting she exists.

And until today, I’d succeeded.

But time isn’t a healer, she’s a cruel mistress.
One who won’t be ignored.

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