Kiss Me Before Flight

A Suspenseful Seduction World Romance

Thia Finn

Heat Level 1 to 5

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He’s going to kill me. My life depends on a meticulous plan to escape my abusive husband, and I know I’ll only get one chance. When my kind neighbor involves her attractive brother-in-law, I begin to believe my dream might come true. I need to make it on my own once they whisk me away, but how? All I’ve ever known is how to be what he told me to be, a homemaker and mother. Do I take the chance and live a real life, or stay with my husband of twenty years and simply exist? Why is the choice so difficult?

CC, Conrad, Chapman
Intervene in messy situations of life or death, not me, but I work for a team who does. I take the easy part, fly them in and out of danger. When sister-in-law, Jane, begs me to help an abused woman escape from the iron fist that will eventually kill the woman, I have doubts I’m up for the challenge. Sure, I can fly her away but what then? I have responsibilities which don’t include helping a beautiful woman live the life she deserves.

Trident Security
In a spin-off from the highly successful Trident Security Series by USA Today Bestselling author, Samantha A. Cole, follow the story of CC Chapman, pilot for Trident Security, as he’s forced to make quick decisions which can change his life forever or end the life of a beautiful stranger.

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