CEO Daddy

A Crescent Cove Standalone

Taryn Quinn

Heat Level 1 to 5

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I’m having a millionaire’s baby…

New Year’s Eve, a night of new beginnings.

Asher and I talked and sipped champagne. Eventually, we went up to my room at the bed and breakfast and…

Let’s just say when I left that room, I was no longer a virgin.

And that was it.

No last names, no numbers, no pressure. Something we both desperately needed.

Just a night of fun, with so much pleasure.

Until I was approached for a nanny position that I wasn’t sure I was equipped for.

And the man behind the curtain raising his best friend’s little girl was…


A single dad unprepared for his unexpected responsibility.

A wealthy, powerful, conflicted CEO of a newspaper empire on the verge of extinction.

And the father of the baby I just realized I was carrying…

Author’s note: CEO DADDY is a standalone single father and virgin nanny forced proximity romance novel set in our small town Crescent Cove. It has a happily-ever-after ending.

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