Reason to Love

Sedona Venez

Heat Level 1 to 5

🌶 🌶 🌶 🌶

Love between vampires and shifters is forbidden, but Jack and Reason know what fate and true love demand.

How can I verbalize my greatest fear?

That I spent years avoiding relationships and any romantic attachments because I was terrified of loving so deeply again?

That I couldn’t take another mate because the vampires who murdered mate and my child were waiting and watching for the opportune time to climb out of the darkness and snatch my happiness and mate away from me… again?

That I spent so many years crawling in and out of bed with one woman after another with not a care in the world because I knew there was no chance of ever finding another possible mate?

Until I’d met Reason.

I hated myself for wanting a man who didn’t want me.

When I saw him dying and bloody in the alley, I felt something. A magnetic pull I’ve never felt with any man.

And honestly, it’s scary… this strange, weird connection between us that I don’t really understand.

And the crazy thing is I’m willing to explore where it would take me… us.

But I will not beg him to take this journey with me.

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