Denying Davis

Billionaires of Palm Beach: Book 3

Sara Celi

Heat Level 1 to 5

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I’m the heir to one of the biggest fortunes in the world. My grandfather is a billionaire, and one day I will be, too. I have it all–money, women, a guaranteed job, and access to all the pleasures in life.

But something’s missing. The women I date mean nothing to me, and I’m tired of people who want to be around me only for my connections. It’s boring, empty, and stale.

Then one night, I see her again–Samantha Green.

She’s the only person who has ever loved me for myself. The only person who ever cared about me, and not my money. And ten years ago, she disappeared. Vanished. Left me with only questions, and a broken heart.

Now, we have a second chance. The trouble is, starting a relationship with her again means confronting a family secret so big, it could destroy everything my grandfather has worked for in life. It means dealing with an ugly past, and even I don’t know how deep it goes.

But isn’t love worth the pain?

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