Because of Adam

Billionaires of Palm Beach: Book 4

Sara Celi

Heat Level 1 to 5

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My life is in shambles. I don’t recognize it.

For a long time, I lived the good life in Palm Beach, and boy did I enjoy it. I spent my time attending parties, raising money for charity, taking front-row seats at fashion shows, and vacationing in the world’s most glamorous places while I waited for the perfect husband to come my way. Then I discovered my father’s awful secret.

Now I’m paying for his sins.

Everything I used to care about doesn’t matter anymore. I have to survive, and that means doing business with some of South Florida’s most ruthless criminals. They want me, and they want leverage. I’ve made a deal with the devil himself, and I’ll never get out of this hell.

One night, a gorgeous man from my past collides with my present. We cared about each other as teenagers, but I put those feelings aside years ago. The past needs to stay there, locked away forever. Still, all it takes is one look, and he won’t let me forget the way I used to feel.

Will he turn his back on me once he knows the horrible truth? Or can we find a way to make our love last this time, despite all the secret and lies?

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