Pleasurable Secrets

Posey Parks

Heat Level 1 to 5

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From USA Today bestselling author Posey Parks comes a delicious contemporary romance about falling in love with your best friend’s sister.

She’s my pleasurable dirty little secret.

Victoria is my undoing. She’s also my best friend’s older sister.
If Hayden knew I had a crush on his sister, he’d have my head.
Not sure if she knew I liked her.
If she did, maybe she thought it was a childhood crush.
One hot night at a party brought us closer.
Six months later, she stood at my dorm room door.
The secrets begin.
Once we’ve returned to the real world, we’re back to subtle pleasantries.
No more burning up the sheets.
Victoria wants to keep our love a secret.
Never admitting to her family, the love we shared.
I’ve grown tired of the secrets and lies.
I want out. If I can’t announce to the world, she is mine I’ll walk away.
Will Victoria reveal our love and come clean to the world?

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