Posey Parks

Butter Pecan Gelato

Posey Parks

Heat Level 1 to 5

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I’m in love with my best friend.

Maxon Eli Russell
She’s against us being anything more than companions.
Rayne believes it would ruin what we’ve built.
I know our closeness will make us stronger.
The stubborn woman will see things my way.
I’ll risk it all to have her in my life as more than my best friend.

Rayne Siena Wynters
My best friend is Hollywood’s new mouthwatering heartthrob.
He’s young with a body carved out of stone.
Every woman in his life wants more except me.
Doesn’t matter if my heart’s threatening to burst out of my chest when we’re close.
Maxon’s lived in L.A. for seven years.
My short stint in town has placed us on Messy Mandy’s radar.

She’s become a thorn in my side.
His solution to get us out of this disaster is to enter a fake relationship.
This won’t work.
We’ve tempted fate before and it blew up in our faces.
Repairing our friendship was a brutal process.
I won’t lose Maxon again.

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