Hidden Witness 4

A Mafia Romance

Posey Parks

Heat Level 1 to 5

🌶 🌶 🌶 🌶

I’ll push every last one of her buttons until she breaks.

I stalked my prey until I was ready to pounce.
Up close those beautiful brown eyes stopped the blood from circulating in my body.
The air couldn’t escape my lungs.
No boyfriend in sight. I know because I’ve watched her for some time.
I’ve waited for the right time to hold a conversation with her.
That smile sent the blood pumping through the biggest vein in my body.
And I’m not talking about my heart.
In sunny California, I am just another man pursuing my law degree at Stanford University.
Back in New Jersey, I am the man everyone fears because I am the boss of the Magarelli crime family.
I wasn’t supposed to become the boss my brother was, but he died fourteen years ago.
Now my father is the governor and I am the brains and muscle of the operation.

Here’s the problem Carmen is a good girl. Strait laced.
Doesn’t look for trouble.
She was so focused on her PhD chemistry projects she didn’t notice I was watching her, until now.
Will the good girl fall in love with me a bad boy and overlook my position in the mob?

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