A Spinoff of the Stern Family Saga

Monique Orgeron

Heat Level 1 to 5

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Restitution will be mine.

Two women destroyed my life.
Now, one wants to know what will make me happy and the other thinks she knows.
They know nothing.
Both stole my legacy and I’m demanding it all back.
The tables have turned and now they need me.
In making them pay I will find my happiness.
Both of them will guarantee I do.
Refusing to let my child carry his burden, I left.

Now with my return, for all the years he suffered, he wants my pain and misery for everything I stole.
I will play the pathetic woman and pay the price he demands, giving him what he feels he needs. Because I’m still a liar.
I’ve been lying to myself for too long.
I thought I could save myself from feeling pain.
But if I quit lying to myself, what is left?

The truth.
It’s as ugly as the lie.
Even with all his hate, I still love him.

**The Youngblood series is a spin-off series of the Stern Family Saga**
** This is not a standalone. This is the 3rd book in the Youngblood Series but the 2nd book in Shane and Jolie’s story.**

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