Art of Seduction

Monique Orgeron

Heat Level 1 to 5

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Love was never supposed to be part of the end game.


My life has been paved in misery and loneliness, then one day, a woman, a stranger, propositions me with a way to change it all.
Do I jump at the chance? You’re damn right I do. Then promise myself from that day forward I will never look back.
That is, until I meet my target, a man who can destroy everything. Including my heart.
I’ve survived this long alone, but can I survive in a world with him and the games his family plays?


I’m the oldest, born to be my mother’s successor, but only if I play by her rules.
She likes control and manipulation, even when it comes to her sons.
Well, I refuse to be one of her chess pieces.
Then she brings a woman into our lives, turning my world upside down. I know with everything in me, she is just another one of my mother’s pawns. But the problem is she’s quickly becoming my obsession.
Sooner or later, I will discover why my mother chose her for this game.
After all, secrets and deception always find a way of being revealed in the end.

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