Art of Loyalty

Monique Orgeron

Heat Level 1 to 5

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In life, there are things that will never leave you and loyalty that can never be broken.

Abuse has a tendency to haunt you long after the physical scars have healed.
Your hatred turns into a need for revenge.
That need turns into guilt that never leaves, creating a darkness, festering, and tormenting in your mind.
It’s been my life. But with all the years of darkness comes light, in the form of a woman I never even considered.
She awakens a part of me I never knew existed.

Sometimes life makes decisions for you. It sure did for me.

Isn’t it funny how things turn out when life forces your hand?
In tragedy, you will do things you would never see yourself doing.
Choices had to be made, even when I was too young to make them.
I did what was necessary, and I will never regret those decisions.
I’m smart though, never allowing myself to dream beyond the life that I have already resigned myself to.

Until one night, he falls within my path and life changes. He demands too much, but my heart wants nothing more.
Can two broken people save each other and find the love we both deserve?

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