Jaded In Jackson

Moni Boyce

Heat Level 1 to 5

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A no strings attached arrangement. What could go wrong?

Elodie Cross is an accomplished woman: decorated forest ranger, champion axe thrower, expert markswoman and fashionista. But there’s one thing she can’t ace. True love. Men are often intimidated by her. And dating life in Jackson, Wyoming has left her jaded and cynical.

When the famous survivalist Ryder Stone arrives in town to film his next series, Elodie is chosen as the TV celebrity’s guide. She instantly marks him as a poser. To make matters worse, she’s also wildly attracted to the infuriating man.

Ryder can’t deny he is drawn to Elodie. Her sarcasm, wit and good looks, plus her willingness to get her hands dirty, are all sexy as hell. But Ryder’s been burned by loss before. When she agrees to explore the insane attraction between them–no strings attached–he thinks he’s hit the jackpot. The only problem? Ryder discovers he’s in danger of falling in love with this feisty forest ranger. And that’s a risk he’s not willing to take.

As Elodie opens herself up to the relationship, she feels the gun-shy Ryder pulling away. The harder she falls for this unattainable outdoorsman, the more Elodie fears her arrow has missed its mark again.

Can these two put fear aside and commit to their perfect match? Or will they let their past tear their future apart?

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