The Only One

Blackwood Series: Book 2

Melissa Ellen

Heat Level 1 to 5

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Book 2 of 2 in The Only One Duet

It’s been nearly three years since I walked away from Rhett Blackwood and moved across the country.
I’m happy.
I’ve started over in a new city with a career I’m passionate about.

Then why, when Rhett unexpectedly shows up, does just the sight of him leave me reeling?
A walking, talking, still-hurts-to-breathe-around-him heartbreak from my past.

I didn’t expect him to march back into my life after all this time.

I have no idea why now.
And even though I’ll fight to resist his charm, falling for a Blackwood was never a choice.

The Only One is Book 2 of the Blackwood Series and the second book of The Only One Duet.

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