Her Dark Star

Marj W. Ivancic

Heat Level 1 to 5

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The old glass globe was just an innocent bauble, purchased on a whim. But what lives within the witch ball will change her life. Forever.

The local mystic shop wasn’t Nadya’s usual shopping grounds. She only went to humor her cousin’s half-baked fascination with Wicca. She never imagined she’d make a purchase of her own, but the unique glass ball would not be left behind. Now, it sits on her dining room table, with her unaware of the eyes watching her from within.

Charming, seductive, and cursed to the witch ball by a vengeful paramour, Finnan Dark Star has spent a millennium trapped within the glass. He’s tried every spell, conjured every trick to break free, but the sphere’s magic is impenetrable. Until…Nadya. With freedom so close, he’ll call on all his powers of persuasion to secure her help in escaping before the sorceress who entombed him alive discovers this break in his chains.

As Nadya becomes ensnared in a world of magic where truth is an illusion and nothing is as it seems, she’ll have to rely on the warlock for answers she can’t trust him to explain. And Finnan will have to decide if revenge is worth risking a fate more heartbreaking than eternity as a prisoner of the witch ball.

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