Digital Desire

Fortis Security Series: Book 8

Maddie Wade

Heat Level 1 to 5

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A secret is about to be exposed that will rock the entire foundation of Will Granger’s life. As the tatted-up, pierced nerd of Fortis Security, he has provided life-saving technical support to keep his team alive.
Now he has to step forward and provide physical back-up to the woman he cannot get out of his head even though she has made it clear she wants nothing to do with him. In doing this, he risks exposing himself as someone nobody really knows—a man only whispered about by those around him.
With one aim in sight—to save Detective Aubrey Herbert from herself and those ready to kill her—Will risks destroying the very relationships that have made him the man he is today.

Aubrey Herbert has sacrificed her career for her family, and now it looks like her life is next. Following her sister to the deadly drug-laden jungles of Columbia is the worst idea she’s ever had. Especially when she finds herself face to face with the furious man who haunts her dreams and stirs her treacherous body.
Will Granger comes across as the mellow nerd of the Fortis team, but she sees the real man beneath—the man who is every bit as alpha as his friends and twice as deadly. A man who could sallow her whole if she let him.

Thrown together, their only option is to work together to escape the vicious threat that wants them dead. Surviving the days is uncertain but surviving the nights without succumbing to their desire for each other is impossible.

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