But Now I See

Amazing Grace Duet: Book 2

Lulu Astor

Heat Level 1 to 5

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BUT NOW I SEE, the thrilling and suspenseful conclusion in the AMAZING GRACE duet that began in MY HEART TO FEAR.

Eric Damien is a man whose past has helped dictate his vengeful future. Right or wrong, he’s entirely used to getting what he wants at any cost. And he’s decided he wants Ali Spencer—at any cost.

A young woman whose own tainted past draws her to Eric Damien like a moth to flame—possibly with a similar fate—Ali knows she should run from him at warp speed, but her heart and hormones overrule her head. When she finally does flee Eric, his life descends into profound darkness. Though he’s willingly consigned others to the fires of hell, he can’t bear the flames when they’re turned on him.

Can evil ever be answered with redemption? Eric Damien is a man about to find out. BUT NOW I SEE is the concluding and second book in this duet by Lulu Astor.

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