Mr. Boss Man

Loni Ree

Heat Level 1 to 5

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He has a new job to offer her…

Hunter Bennett
One look and my heart and soul belong to her. I knew the curvy little brunette would be mine, only I let her slip through my fingers. Come to find out, she’d been working for me all this time. Too bad I allowed a misunderstanding to come between me and my girl. I had no idea what torture was until I pictured my life without Allie.

Allie Hudson
I’d been in love with my company’s CEO for years. Mr. Boss Man doesn’t even know I exist until we collide during a chance encounter. My crazy aunt has been promising me her “love spell” will bring him to me, but that’s nuts or is it? When the jerk suddenly changes his tune from get out of my life to I need you forever. How can I believe it’s really him?

When Hunter finally wakes up, he has his work cutout for him. How can Hunter convince Allie he’s in love with her and not under some insane spell? For a man who’s used to power, Hunter is about to learn there’s no such thing as control when it comes to matters of the heart.

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