Children of Angels

L.L. Hunter

Heat Level 1 to 5


Who knew being the chosen one would become so complicated?

Ebony was named the Daughter of Darkness, a name she came to own.
But after being trapped and manipulated by Travis and the Institute of Light, she is doubting her powers and her heart.
With the descendants of Lucifer planning to use her for their own selfish purposes, and with Ebony isolated from her family,
finding her way back to them, whilst battling her own demons, will be two separate battles all of their own.
And then there’s the fact that Luca is turning human, and Travis is her soulmate.
But when Ebony thought her life couldn’t get any more difficult she is delivered news that will change everything, even the fate of the universe.

When it seems all hope might be lost,
Will Ebony find her way out of the darkness, decide her fate, and earn her wings?

Children of Angels is the much anticipated final chapter of the international bestselling Ebony Angel series.

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