Full Count

Kimberly Readnour

Heat Level 1 to 5

🌶 🌶 🌶

Dating my bestie? Yeah, I can only wish…

Garret Cartel.
Cessna University’s starting shortstop.
Painstakingly gorgeous.
Friend-zoned since freshman year.

I have a knack for falling for unattainable guys.
Blame my trust issues.
They keep me safe.

But this is our final year.
My last chance to break the dreaded friend-zone chains before graduation.
There’s one slight problem.

Every time we get close, Garret pulls away.

There’s a secretive side to him I haven’t tapped.
And I need to know.
Is it his secret keeping us apart,
Or something bigger?

No matter what holds him back,
I intend to play my part.
I don’t care how full his count is, I want my shot.
And I don’t intend to stop until he’s mine.

Book Three in the Cessna U Wildcats series, Full Count, is a friends to lovers, stand-alone romance. If you like sexy, hot baseball players, click to add Garret Cartel.

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