Making Him Wild

A Prequel Novella to the Crawford Falls Series

Kate Carley

Heat Level 1 to 5

🌶 🌶 🌶 🌶

Forget the corner office. Her view is spectacular.

It’s about the only good thing Talia Callaway can say about her new employer, TAME Tech Solutions. When she’d first landed the job, she’d hoped for the perfect work environment.

Upbeat. Fun. Maybe even exciting. Yes, exciting is exactly what she’d been looking for. Unfortunately, TAME isn’t. But her sexy new coworker definitely is.

It’s his eyes—the most intriguing blue eyes she’s ever seen. And they’re ringed with the thickest, darkest lashes. Seriously, she could gaze at him for hours and never grow bored—probably why her boss claims she’s been daydreaming. Talia prefers the word imagining. Like imagining what she’d see in those amazing Caribbean-blue pools if she were within kissing distance.

Okay, she’ll admit it. The “view” might be causing her work to suffer. Then again, no woman in her right mind would blame Talia for her occasional mental detour into a fantasy world starring the incredibly handsome Grady McMahan.

But when Grady asks Talia out for a private team-building event, things get steamy, transforming Talia’s fantasies into a wild new reality.

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