Real Men Love Charms

Kat Baxter

Heat Level 1 to 5

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Rachel has been my good luck charm ever since I hired her three years ago. She’s the best assistant I’ve ever had and I couldn’t run the company without her. The only problem is her sexy AF curves drive me crazy. But hitting on my assistant is a line I won’t cross. That is until I need a fake girlfriend…


I’ve wanted him since the moment he hired me. How could I not?He’s brilliant and honorable and smoking hot. When a potential business deal has us pretending to be in love. But there’s nothing fake about the way he kisses me or the way my body responds to his.

Once the deal is cut, can I convince him I can be more than just his good luck charm in the boardroom? Once I’ve had him, our working relationship will never be the same, but maybe we can both get lucky…

Dear Reader, Real Men Love Charms is a short, sweet and steamy romance with a guaranteed HEA

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