Midnight's Atonement

A Vampire Werewolf Paranormal Romance

Isobelle Cate

Heat Level 1 to 5

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A supernatural war. An alluring journalist caught in the middle. A devouringlust…

Graeme Temple, a supernatural Cynn Cruor warrior, is nearly killed in a brutal siege on the Isle of Man, when he takes a silver bullet intended for his comrade, Roarke Hamilton.

While on the mend, Graeme never expects to meet Kate Corrigan—an alluring investigative journalist trying to expose human trafficking ringleader—who kindles in Graeme a devouring lust, a desire to possess, and a need to protect.
Kate never meant to fall so quickly for such a mysterious—not to mention extremely hot—hero, whose attraction she can’t deny, no matter how hard she tries. She is about to expose the councilman responsible for human trafficking when her friends are kidnapped to silence her. Incorrigible, Kate refuses to back down. She looks to Graeme for help—and a steamy affair she can’t resist…

Thrown together, Graeme and Kate find their attraction for each other becomes a passionate conflagration. But not all is cut and dried. Graeme realizes he and Kate are hunting the very villain he has been searching for—for centuries.

Will the feelings they have for each other be enough to destroy Dac Valerian and get them through? Will Graeme be the man to break through the walls of Kate’s heart?

***CONTENT WARNING: This story contains adult language and sexual situations and intended for audiences 18+ ONLY***

This is the 3rd book of Isobelle Cate’s, The Cynn Cruors Bloodline series

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