The Hero's Heart

Erin Ember

Heat Level 1 to 5

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They say forgiveness is good for the soul, but what happens when the path to forgiveness, leads the monsters of the past to your front door?

Jewel is determined to open her new restorative justice program in southern Colorado. She has found a community that she loves, and she is finally ready to put down some roots. She’s ready to leave the pain of the past behind. Not long after moving, Jewel falls in love with a little boy that lives next door. Sammy’s kind heart and bright smile makes her feel like she’s found a home. His father is not quite as friendly as his son. Even though he’s drop dead gorgeous, Jewel is pretty sure that he would be okay with her dropping dead as well.

Nate loves three things in life. His son, his mom, and his job, as a firefighter, and he doesn’t have room in his life for anything else. His ex-wife burned him badly, and now, there’s no way he will ever let him, or his son get hurt again. That is until Jewel moves in next door. Her smile reminds him of sunshine and is sweet as honey. Nate tries to keep Jewel at arm’s length, but in the end, it’s no use. Her commitment to his son, and the dedication to his injured mother, brought him to his knees.

As Jewel and Nate fall deeper and deeper in love, the demons from their pasts circle closer. Will Nate’s hero’s heart be strong enough to overcome the threats facing them, or were they doomed from the beginning?

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