The Complete Dark Duet

Lark and Nightingale

Emma Cole

Heat Level 1 to 5

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Lark and Nightingale are now together in this one convenient volume, The Complete Dark Duet. This compilation contains deleted scenes, an extended epilogue, and more!

Dark. Gritty. Taboo.

~ Lark: Book One of the Dark Duet ~

Broken-hearted and mortified after being dumped when she expected a proposal, Lark calls her best friend and roommate for a rescue.

While waiting to be picked up, she ducks around the corner into the alley to gain her composure, unaware it will be the action that leads her into a trafficking syndicate.

Kidnapped, along with her best friend, Lark wakes up to find herself in a cell with her friend, her ex, and her ex’s partner.

Forced to submit or become casualties of circumstance, they stick together and comply— making the best they can out of a terrible situation.

Stripped of all dignity and choice, will Lark make it out alive? If she does, what will be left of her?

~ Nightingale: Book Two of the Dark Duet ~

Lark survived her ordeal— scarred but alive. Now she’s in hiding from the trafficking syndicate that wants her back. There’s more than just Robert Vitti that’s an issue though, and it’s turned her world upside down yet again.

Find out what happens in the conclusion of the Dark Duet.

18+ Readers discretion advised for content
** A list of warnings is available inside the front matter. (You can download a sample or click on the preview feature to view it)

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