Regency Christmas Delight

A Regency Romance Christmas Collection: 5 Delightful Regency Christmas Stories (Regency Collections Book 19)

Clara Kensington

Heat Level 1 to 5


This collection of five full novellas presents some very different heroes and heroines, but the common theme is that they all find love, despite trials and tribulations along the way, in some way related to Christmas.


This collection contains:

The Duke’s Christmas Vow by Arietta Richmond
A Lady with unexpected interests and few prospects, a Duke with a vow to keep, a Christmas House Party, an accidental meeting, a plot to compromise, a trail of feathers, a love born of defiance.

The Countess’ Christmas Miracle by Clara Kensington
A widowed Countess determinedly settled in her ways, yet hiding loneliness, a man returned from war, already in love with the impression of a woman gained from letters, a son determined to bring them together, a Christmas which changes everything.

The Duke’s Christmas Masquerade by Grace Austen
A Lady in love with the wrong man – at least as far as her mother is concerned, a Masquerade Ball, a deception with unintended results, a last minute reprieve achieved through the courage of love.

Christmas Love for the Duke by Lydia Pembroke
A Duke caught in past grief, a commoner born Companion who hopes for more out of life, the meddling of a well-meaning aunt, a love condemned by society, decisions which change both of their lives.

The Christmas Letter by Regina Darcy
A Viscount’s heir, estranged from his parents because he wants a life different from his heritage, a lawyer’s daughter who finds joy in everything, especially family and Christmas, a letter never meant to be sent, written with only love in mind, the interference of a friend, the transformation of two lives.

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