A Suspenseful Fake Relationship Romance

Christie Tegan

Heat Level 1 to 5

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From wannabe bestselling author Christie Tegan comes a brand-new stand-alone romance.

“For the right fee, I’ll pretend to be almost anyone,
And there is never a shortage of clients who clamor for my services.
But behind my confident exterior, I worry about getting called out,
And then I do—and by the richest, handsomest, slickest alpha in all of Chicago.”

“She sank my sale with a smile, some cleavage, and a bat of her lush long lashes.
My anger was eclipsed only by my obsession with her,
And then the perfect plan presented itself to me.
I seized the day and I’ll get the girl.”

FAKER is a stand-alone romance novel that dares to be different.

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