Blood Song: Refrain

Charli B Rose

Heat Level 1 to 5

🌶 🌶 🌶 🌶

Her heart beats for his.

Everyone I cared about was gone. Dead. Except him. Though he’d argue since he was a vampire he was dead too. I was still searching for the truth, but it was elusive. As elusive as Toven’s heart. I offered myself to him—my blood, my body, my heart—but just when I thought I was making progress, he pushed me away again. He was afraid he’d hurt or taint me. Time was running out to convince him that he was worthy of love.

Everything that was important to me would soon disappear. My past was racing towards me, ready to destroy everything—my freedom, my music, her. There had to be a solution to save my life, to keep the song from fading into silence. I thought the biggest threat to Celesta was me and my nature. But I was starting to realize I was very naïve in my thinking. I had to save her before my time was up. Then I’d walk away. For her sake.

Can love resurrect a dead heart?

NOTE: This is part TWO of Toven and Celesta’s story. Part ONE of their story can be read in Blood Song: Prelude. Part THREE is Blood Song: Coda and is out.

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