Take Me Home

A Small Town Rock Star Love Story

Carrie Elks

Heat Level 1 to 5

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This book is addictive reading!’ – Claire and Lou’s Mad About Books Blog

“We should kiss. Just once. See if there’s something there.”

Rockstar Gray Hartson is only back in town for a few weeks. Long enough to rebuild the bridges he broke years ago when he skipped town with a guitar in one hand and fifty dollars in the other. But his father has other ideas. If Gray wants to make things up to him, he’s gonna have to work for it.

Maddie Clark was an awkward teenager when Gray left. Back then he was her sister’s boyfriend. Now he’s a superstar. And he makes her heart stop dead when he swaggers into her diner, all smiles and slicked back hair.

From the moment she pours him coffee, Gray’s a goner. She’s warm and wild, with a wicked sense of humor. She’s also as off-limits as they come.

He’s spent the last ten years singing about heartbreak. Now he’s about to find out how it really feels.

Take Me Home is the first book in the Heartbreak Brothers series of emotional standalone romances, set in the small town of Hartson’s Creek.

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