Heart And Soul

A Small Town Fake Relationship Romance

Carrie Elks

Heat Level 1 to 5

🌶 🌶 🌶 🌶

An ER doctor, the single mom next door, and a fake relationship that feels all too real…

Moving to Angel Sands is a brand new start for single mom Meghan Hart. With a beautiful new apartment, and a business she’s fallen in love with, things are finally looking up.

Then she meets her gorgeous new neighbor.

Rich Martin has no luck with relationships. He’s too busy saving lives to think about his own. But from the moment he sees Meghan, sparks fly.

After a run in with a persistent ex he asks Meghan for help. Pretend to be his girlfriend for a month. Despite her misgivings, Meghan agrees.

As they spend more time together, the chemistry between them explodes, ending in a kiss-to-end-all-kisses.

Before long, neither of them is certain what’s fake and what’s real any more.

And right now, they’re in no rush to find out…


**Heart And Soul is a standalone read in the Angel Sands series of beach romances. If you like hot heroes, sassy heroines and a cute kid that tugs your heart strings, check it out!**

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