Death Card

A Reverse Harem Novel

A.C. Wilds

Heat Level 1 to 5

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There’s a difference between finding and fighting destiny…

Azra Sumner is hiding. From a past she can’t escape… from who she was destined to become.
She tries to settle into a normal life, but nothing about her is normal and never will be.
Little does Azra know she’s about to find out just how exceptional she really is.
Greyson’s job is simple. Hunt the things that imprisoned him and bring them back to the Light. When he meets Azra, suddenly things don’t seem so clear.
Cassiel is heir to the throne. His existence ordinary, until a inky haired temptress shows the prince how extraordinary life could be.
Thrown into the world of the Fae and forced to make impossible choices, Azra is given her purpose— protect the weak and destroy the wrong.
The Fae who claim to be angels and messengers of the gods aren’t holy.
They want Azra for reasons she can’t understand, but she must follow along to survive.

Light. Dark.
Good. Evil.
The lines will blur…

This is an Adult (+18) Paranormal Reverse Harem story. It is a slow to medium burn, with the intensity picking up in book two. There are possible triggers and some violence.

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